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Bad touch Daddy, Bad Touch!
This is the kind of guild your mother and father warned you about joining.  This Guild will not, in any way, shape or form, tell you how to play your character(s).  You pay to play your character(s) and we have no business interfering with your money.  We formed this guild because other ones have clicks and are power hungry.  This is a relaxed guild that does have some rules, but mainly wants to enjoy the game just like any other person.
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Recruiting Policy

Trunkmonkeys, Jun 30, 11 1:44 AM.
We are currently looking for anyone who thinks they can handle what we are about. We ARE going to pick up raiding where we left off very soon. Since we all want to clear content we do have a few things we are looking for.

DPS: you need to pull 12k dps or more, this should not be hard since you can buy epic shit with JP now. If you cant pull it, then you are not welcome to come. We refuse to carry people. But you are welcome to join the guild, learn and get better gear and ask to try out for a raid spot for the future.

Tanks: Know the fights, I do not mind explaining shit to people. But you need to at least have seen the fights on youtube or wherever you get your information. You also need to have decent gear. Again, this guild does not carry people.

Healers: Same as above, be geared, know the fights. Don't be stupid.

As stated above, you need to know fights, you need to be geared. Just know your class. If you have not raided before but you prove to not be an idiot and can pull great dps or are a great healer or tank then I have no problem giving you a shot. We will not tell you no just because you have never done it before, but we will tell you no and boot you if you constantly fuck up and prove to be a dipshit.

About your CEO and Officers

Trunkmonkeys, Jun 29, 11 12:39 AM.
About your CEO: Trunkmonkeys

I have been playing wow since vanilla. I have noticed over the years a few things that I cant stand about guilds, which is why I decided to create my own. A few of the things I could not handle about other guilds is feeling like i could not be myself. If I want to tell someone they are a fucking moron, then I'm going to. I couldn't handle the officers or CEO telling me I have to be nice. The day you pay my WoW bill is the day I will play and act like you want me to. I also couldn't handle the clicks that officers have. If you are not a real life friend or have known them forever then they treat you like shit and ignore you. But even through all of that, my biggest problem is if a guild has more then 1 raid group then the officers fill the first group with all of their main characters and raid in it. But the other raid group is half of their alts. I personally think that if you are in a raid group, then when it comes to another raid group that is running on another night people who are already in a raid group should not be able to throw an alt in it unless needed. It is not fair for people who want to raid that someone has one character in one raid group, and one in another. Why should someone, officer or not, be able to do that and take up someones spot who is not raiding that wants to. I created Bad Touch with one idea in mind. Be your self. If you are having a bad day and just want to tell me to go fuck a penguin, then do it. I'm not going to kick you because I am the CEO and have a huge ego, and I made sure to surround myself with an officer team who feels the same. Everyone here is equal. Do, say and act however the fuck you want. Troll trade, troll players, I don't care. Its your account and its your money. At the end of the day we are here to create hell for those around us, and raid like a fuckin boss.

Diplomatic Officer: Morias

I have been playing WoW since the beginning of 09.  I enjoy playing this game with others via raid, P.v.P. and pet collecting.  I do not enjoy playing with people who take this game seriously and try to elevate their life status by using people and talking down to them constantly.  It is an MMO, not a RLMM(Real Life Money Maker).  I know that people sell stuff on E-bay and Craigslist and do make a living, but I am here for fun and being a smartass.  What I want to do in the guild is help people in whatever makes them happy and enjoy it too.  As an officer I expect to see guildmembers helping each other out as much as we can.  Also as an officer I am not without fault and do make mistakes, and welcome information to better myself in the game.  Do not excpect me to be fake and makeup shit so we can get along.  If I see something that I believe is wrong I will speak my mind.  I will stick up for you, if I believe you were right, something that was unavoidable in the game or being accused of false information.  I will not tolerate people who were asked by guildmembers to lay off because they are having a bad day and still do it.  I do enjoy a great burn and also giving it back to people by 1 upping them.  My biggest problem is people who are hypocritical.

Officer: Shrutefecta

I used to play WoW back during the vanilla days....I was the most terrible player you would know. I remember getting excited cause a Mottled Worg Heart dropped off of a level 14 Worg. I just remember my friends telling me I could get 14g for it then ROFLing on cause I believed them....haha terrible. I came back when during WotLK and began leveling a Prot Warrior and am the main tank for Bad Touch. My goal in this game is to break away from the grind of RL and have fun. That's it, if i'm not having any fun... then what's the point. That's why I joined this guild, I know i'll always have something fun to do and someone fun to do it with. I like long walks in Durotar and throwing tomatoes at the Alliance guards.

Officer: Khelliara

I've been WoW's biggest noob since 06. There's no achievement for that and the closest you get to a mount for that is getting screwed out of $15 a month. My favorite thing to do in wow is play 1001 ways to kill the prick pug in roics. I don't mind helping guildies out, but I expect the same in return. If you aren't contributing to the guild, you will be dead to me...DEAD! Ok yeh, im kidding, sorta, kinda, not really :P So lets have some fun! What are ya waiting for? Fill out an application!
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